1. The Vision of Natural Farming, Bharat Mansata, Earthcare books. Great book about natural (as opposed to organic) farming, which describes a pioneering natural farmer called Bhaskar Save and his farm and techniques. Good read to understand farming from a very fruitful and holistic manner.

2. The Philosophical Life, James Miller, One World. A nice set of biographical essays about 12 great Western philosophers (in the original sense of the term), from Socrates to Nietzsche. Shows how difficult it is to convert an elegant philosophy of life into actual living!

3. Mahatma Gandhi — an essay in political biography, Dietmar Rothermund, Manohar Books. This small book looks at Gandhi’s actions during his life placed in the general political context and how certain events that occured which were blamed on him, could not have turned out otherwise, and vice versa. Reveals a more human picture of someone who had to live and act in a world with incomplete information, like everyone else.

4. Inhuman Architecture, Hugo Kukelhaus, Aurobindo Ashram press. Great book about how sensorially deprived our built environment has become, and how much of a problem it is especially in the development of children. The style of writing may be puzzling to most people who read today’s writing, but that is our deficiency, not the author’s.

5. Sherlock Holmes, the complete novels and stories, Arthur Conan Doyle, Bantam Classics.

6. Trees and Woodlands of South India, Eleni Asouti and Dorian Q. Fuller, Munshiram Manoharlal. An attempt at reconstructing the environmental history of South India from archaeological data. Also a great guide to the flora of South India, especially trees.

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