All typeset using the amazing Lilypond software. The MP3’s are just MIDI files converted to MP3, so just instrumental.

1. I bow my head in silence (Audio)– First time in a minor scale, sounds ok.

2. Good News! (Audio)– An easter hymn, with a three voice intro.

3. We come to pray (Audio)– An entrance hymn, to be sung at the beginning of the mass. Has a nice jumpy feel to it ;)

4. Make me one with you (Audio) — Slow and hopefully melodic. And I kind of like the lyrics as well!!

5. I Know you walk with me (Audio) — Has a nice change of scale, with number of voices increasing as the crescendo comes, and then decreasing.

6. Onto Lands ahead (Audio) — Melancholic song about leaving things you love behind and moving because of some inner urge to change.

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