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Location shift

As a compensation for writing ridiculously bad exams like GATE, will be moving to the Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (ominously called CAOS!) in the Indian Institute of  Science, Bangalore. One hopes Bangalore is far more tolerable inside one of its greenest areas. The next couple of months will be spent preparing for another interview in the same department for another program, so expect fundas from fluid mechanics and miscellaneous boring things to dominate this space.

News that you might have missed

  • The economy seems to be heading for a meltdown, what you did not know is that a rural economy is purposely being liquidated in Maharashtra.
  • Glamorous dudes and dudettes getting laid off by Jet airways seems to have caught Raj Thackeray’s interest, but not the fact that India is better than only sub-saharan Africa in terms of its hunger index.
  • The banks seem to have cornered the media attention, while the food crisis is going unnoticed.
  • Everybody seems to be worried about how the global recession will affect Bangalore, but not how its water supply will.
  • All eyes are on the US elections, while conservatives parties are gaining ground in AustriaCanada and of course, Zimbabwe.
  • Zimbabwe’s now famous hyperinflation is moving focus away from its children.
  • Banks first, the earth next.