Another article published!

Been away from blogging for a long time now, and not for purely voluntary reasons. Hope to get back to regular updates!

IHDP was kind enough to accept another of my articles. You can find it here:

3 thoughts on “Another article published!”

  1. Joy,

    In that article you mention about decline in migratory birds because grazing was banned. Where did you get this information from? and which place is this? Would be interested to know the reasons behind this.

    By the way, good article and definitely as you have summarized “valuation of nature (ecosystem services) is incomplete without guidance of historians, anthropologists and above all a democratic representation of the people involved.” is very true.

    Also, its always intriguing to think of how we humans think ourselves to be a seperate entity and not a creation of nature!

    “Save the Planet” :D

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