Sights in and around Ujire

Was again in Ujire to get some work done at SELCO Labs. Not much time to do normal wandering, but managed a couple of photographs nonetheless.

Sunrise from SDMIT campus
Same as above
Sunset at SELCO Labs
Moon through a tree at Anand's farm

After the cosmological phenomena, some terrestial phenomena…

Sam, a mechanical engineer from Cambridge, who is currently employed with the Labs
Tommy, an intern from the University of Glasgow
Frog, too petrified to escape macro shots ;)
Congregation of butterflies!
'Carrier' Ants!



4 thoughts on “Sights in and around Ujire”

  1. Coming to solar panels, I wonder how feasible it is to make it viable as a sustainable energy source for houses. I’m really pissed off about the way we produce and consume energy, just look at karnataka, it’s still october and we have load shedding.
    Give me your phone number, may be I want to discuss few things with you :)

    1. Well, the main issue will be usage I guess. SELCO, a for-profit, has shown that it can work quite well. Karnataka, for all its showing off about hydro is very dependent on coal like everyone else. RTPS down, we are screwed.

      The interesting technical challenge in urban areas will be to integrate one small, maybe 200 W panel with grid electricity to give a hybrid supply to the house. Not done, and this will take a hell a lot out of the demand if scaled up. It is known that the highest domestic consumption is for lighting and heating. So, solar lighting and heating should make a difference. The latter is slowly happening, no so the former.

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