Srirangapatnam at Sunset

Hoped to catch the ‘goldening’ of the Cauvery as the sun sets abover her, so drove down one day to Srirangapatnam railway station and spent an hour and a half wandering around.

Cauvery, with white balance changed to higlight the water

The Cauvery has just ebbed from two weeks before, when she was overflowing with Malnad water. Unfortunately, had to make do with what I had. Some views from the railway bridge.

Rainbow signalling rain somewhere to the east
Tippu Express thundering along the bridge
Tippu at the station

Going on to the western tip of the island, where Cauvery looks more like a sea with tiny islands embellishing her.

Loner bird stalking the sun
Monument to the Brit soldiers who died during the seige of Srirangapatnam in 1799, where Tippu was killed and which signified British military intelligence was finally maturing in India


Kids laying the nets for their nightly haul of fish

Finally, to the south bank, where the evening show begins. Unfortunately, was not able to witness sunset at the horizon due to rain due west. Maybe another trip in December might help ;)

The huge cloud at the horizon that spoiled all chances of a golden sunset
Carrying provisions like only rural women can!

Of course, how can one forget the birds on their way back!

Breaking formation, guess no longer needed
White Ibis on their way. Notice the distinctive beaks.
One picture showing all configurations of a bird's flight :D

… And the sun goes down.

The glowing rain underneath the cloud -- where the sun disappeared :(

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