Route from Bangalore to Trichy, circa 1802

A person in the service of the British Government called Benjamin Heyne travelled from Bangalore to Trichy due to ill health. The path he took was considered one of the easiest ways between the Madras Presidency and Bangalore. Check out the map in Google Maps. Had a tough time finding the equivalent names in today’s Tamil Nadu! The route was Bangalore — Attibele — Kelamangalam — Rayakottai — Dharmapuri — Thoppur (pass to get through the hills) — Omalur — Salem — Mallur — Chitode (think this is a mistake, though he mentions a Chittur, there does not seem to be anything close by with that name) — Namakkal — Vadugapetty — Thottiyam — Musiri — Trichy.

Travel time — Jan 13 – Jan 29. Apparently this was the way for invasions either from Mysore state to the ‘Carnatic’ or vice versa. The book gives an interesting look at how life was in the Mysore state after the big war which ended with the defeat of Tipu Sultan. Read it at google books (downloadable for free!).


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