HDR on the Nokia N900

The N900 does not fail to impress me even after fiddling around with it for some time now. One of the best things is of course the camera app BlessN900 which makes the camera superior by orders of magnitude to any to any other mobile camera. It can actually do HDR photography, which is awesomely cool. It can do focus/exposure bracketing, ‘Shallow focus’, and high quality low-light stuff as well. Check the following out…

First, a few HDRs:

Morning HDR

Panorama near home
View from the portico

So what’s the big deal about HDR? check out the above photo taken normally


I tried the shallow focus as well. Obviously, there is no shallow focus on a mobile, so it probably does some processing.

A Softer Sun!

Finally, the best shot of the lot, one can call it the textbook HDR subject.

Doesn't get better, does it ;)

N900 rocks!! It is debian based, so one can add any compatible repository and use any app, write your own. Somewhat rough on the edges, but that is why it is a hacker’s phone!

One thought on “HDR on the Nokia N900”

  1. can i be your roomate please please pretty please with a cherry on top !!:) yup those mud heaps, manholes hurt the eyes a bit. um er… whats HDR? is really cool though.wheres the contact info bro?!!

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