Chamundi and Dassera in Mysore

Bored as we were of repetitive schedules, a friend and I decided we would spend some time roaming around. The results I hope, are quite pleasing to the eye.

Beginning of the walk

We started off by walking up Chamundi, where we spent most of our time. The weather was perfect, cloudy but not rainy, cool but not cold. And as everyone knows, clouds + sunset = superawesome.

rain - no rain!
Rain on the horizon

The sky was expressing all her moods, cloudy somewhere, rainy somewhere, and brilliantly calm elsewhere, as seen below.

Shades of rain
Cloudy – bottom left, Rainy – bottom, clear – elsewhere

A lovely cumulus tower was present on the horizon.

Cotton Ball!
A shaded cumulus

The horizon was extremely beautiful, with clouds and sunlight intertwined in a lovely game of hide and seek.

clouds vs sun

can words add to this!

Then the sun gave a guest appearance, which was however quite a powerful one.

After a hard day’s work….
Lucky Goddess!
The temple, finally illuminated
sun and stone
God meets God…

The city was decked with lighting, you could feel the festival in the air.

woman power!
Woman of the hour!
city lights
sunlight down, surya bulbs up!

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