Top posts: why I like data!

Was just going through the top posts for the past 4 months in my blog, and they were

  1. One dealing with running out of coal or atmosphere
  2. The one about free software
  3. The one which says ‘what role does money play’
  4. The one about conversions

The one about conversions can be ignored since it was a temporary phenomenon. But what is interesting is that a huge number of people seem to be googling for the phrase ‘What do we do when we run out of coal’! Well, they can rest assured that we will not run out of coal before we invent they warp drive. The economic crisis or something more personal seems to driving people to enquire about the role of money in their life!

One set of people seem to be terrified of something that they will lose, another set seems terrified of something they have or are going to gain!! some world we live in.


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