News that you might have missed

  • The economy seems to be heading for a meltdown, what you did not know is that a rural economy is purposely being liquidated in Maharashtra.
  • Glamorous dudes and dudettes getting laid off by Jet airways seems to have caught Raj Thackeray’s interest, but not the fact that India is better than only sub-saharan Africa in terms of its hunger index.
  • The banks seem to have cornered the media attention, while the food crisis is going unnoticed.
  • Everybody seems to be worried about how the global recession will affect Bangalore, but not how its water supply will.
  • All eyes are on the US elections, while conservatives parties are gaining ground in AustriaCanada and of course, Zimbabwe.
  • Zimbabwe’s now famous hyperinflation is moving focus away from its children.
  • Banks first, the earth next.

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