Short story

Wrote this one for the Deccan Herald contest. After reading the winning entry, I realised I had no chance of even getting shortlisted, looking as they were for another Arundhati Roy and co., The other winning entry was better, definitely. You can find my entry here. Also, one realises that they were looking for really short stories. My only encounter with this genre was The Interpreter of Maladies, and apparently this was not the metric DH used.


13 thoughts on “Short story”

  1. Just read your story. Beautiful one at that. You will make a nice author one day. I implore you to write a how-to on “How to improve the writing skills”, for the n00bs.

    Great astounding work!

  2. Isn’t the theme of life and happiness is too big to be pictured well in a short story? Anyways certain things were really good like “He thought that an intellectual life was what was ultimately important,
    a life expounded by the great thinkers over the ages as being the way to
    self-realisation, which was what he should want. However, like we know
    so well by know, all he wanted was to be happy. To enjoy sunsets, not to
    intellectualize them, to enjoy life without philosophising about its Aesthetics.
    Intellectualism had inadvertantly put more obstacles in the way than had
    removed,” or “Father, after spending most of the ten years in self-doubt, (which was
    eventually cleared by a couple of porn videos)” .But I think u were Reviews were really better than this ;)..Probably sociology,economics,ITC have occupied a lot of space!!

  3. like the protagonist realises at the end, one really cannot write about life and happiness :) amount of pages devoted to the topic is immaterial. If it has brought anyone any entertainment, it has served its purpose, since that was all it was intended to do :D

    Reviews, well, more of analysis than creativity .. mebbe i analyse better than i create ;)

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