Not Again!

Have been meaning to restart writing for a long time, but being the lazy bum that I am, never really got down to it. After many proddings and people asking me about ‘the next pdf’ (yes, i actually used to write some, for those who did not know), thought I must discipline myself to write atleast a few thousand words a week. Bertrand Russell used to do 3000 a day, so I’m not going to bore anyone by trying to be Russell.

In contrast to earlier writings, this will be more current affairs based, and less philosophy, which I’m sure most will appreciate. You will also get unwelcome reviews of my current readings.
Sometimes I might go as far as to form an opinion about something and hope it will be controversial enough to elicit a few comments.

Here goes!

3 thoughts on “Not Again!”

  1. Hey Joy..
    Writing is good. Do write stuff..Have marked this page up. Will read…and comment if I find it interesting! :)

  2. current philosophy is like greek after it has been encrypted to me :) therefore, i refrain to comment due to lack of understanding of current crypto methods ;)

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