Classes begin :(

Classes started today for a course that I joined recently, called ICT for development
Check this page for details.

Like any contemporary issue in development (of any kind), there have been wide ranging opinions and controversies from the famous Bill Gates’ remark about people needing vaccines rather than computers to people who simply cannot begin to imagine how contemporary development can happen without ICTs. For that matter, the very ideology of development itself is under attack.

So, this course will be an opportunity for me to look first hand at the issues and their substance surrounding ICT for D and Development itself. Taught by Dr. Ashok Rao, who is himself a pioneer in using computers for social causes and has vast knowledge of the grassroot realities of the Indian scene, the course promises to provide the necessary incentive for me to actually do something. The onus, of course, is on me to make use of this opportunity.

Wait and watch, wait and watch ….


4 thoughts on “Classes begin :(”

  1. What a JOY!!
    Even I’m interested in these kind of projects. The whole in the wall made me very excited, which took on the principles of systematic learning and tried to prove how education can kill the children’s ability to learn things themselves.
    Even am quite not sure about the need for the hour, vaccines or computers. Still I believe that if a person form the rural India need to compete with his counterparts in the cities, then computer powered with internet (with good pr0n blocking softwares) can really help. It has the ability to open up a new world before them and it can really bring in the change which is badly needed.

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